Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Introducing the SOA Process

In this blog we are making available a piece of work that CBDI has just completed together with TIBCO. The two parties have collaborated on developing a SOA Process Framework – which extends earlier CBDI original work to integrate solution and service architecture processes.

We are placing this work in the public domain and inviting comment and feedback. At this stage we have no particular agenda for standardization, but would welcome your feedback and thoughts a) on the process framework as a basis for better collaboration between parties in a service oriented federation – i.e eventually everyone, and b) the need for common understanding in the industry, and possible standardization.


Martin said...

This essentially describes the processes of the established TMForum NGOSS Lifecycle, the difference being that this work ads value in modelling the process whilst the NGOSS work in documents like GB924 describe the roles travelling around the 4 NGOSS phases of Business, System, Implementation and Deployment. This process work should be contributed to the TMForum eTOM team and the Service Delivery Platform teams. BR MEH

Paul Allen said...

The process described has it's historical roots in many different influences and previous processes through structured methods, OO, CBD and now SOA. For my part our original thinking (published in February) echoed the supply-consume separation found in Select Perspective. The Architected Solutions overlay could perhaps be seen as incorporating OO solutions refinement, found in thinkers such as Booch, on top of the CBD mindset. So it's maybe no surprise to see this process likened to something else.

We would be interested in collaborating with the TMForum and communicating these ideas to the TMForum. In addition we would like to learn more about the relevant work that is taking place there. Please could you advise on the best way for us to do that?

Martin said...

The TMForum and CBDiForum have a collaboration agreement that you can work through, contact John Reilly jreilly@tmforum.org and Tony Richardson tonyr@tmforum.org for how you can participate in teams. Alternatively join the TMForum and teh working teams (Architecture Harmonisation and/or SDF), check to see if your company isn't already a member.

In the interim I can suggest the TMForum Community pages and the SDF team discussion area, for this you do not need to be a TMForum member:

Paul Allen said...


Many thanks for the information. I shall be following up as soon as I am able!