Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MODAF Version 1.2

A new version of MODAF has just appeared, which puts MODAF firmly ahead of other enterprise architecture frameworks in terms of its support for SOA.

MODAF is the enterprise architecture framework produced by the UK ministry of defence. Version 1.1, which appeared last year, contained a Strategic View, described in terms of Capabilities and Capability Dependencies. Version 1.2 now contains a Service (or "Service-Orientated") View, driven by the Strategic (Capability) View, and sitting above the Systems View.


This clearly goes further than the latest version of DoDAF (a roughly similar framework produced by the US Department of Defense), which has a single view for Systems and Services, and no Strategic View.

Meanwhile TOGAF remains stuck in a time-warp. In December 2003, when I wrote an article on Enterprise Architecture for the CBDI Journal, I was told that TOGAF 9, which would have some support for SOA, was "coming soon". Nearly five years later and it is still "coming soon". Soumen Chatterjee expects that "too many players" will produce a "mixed-up world".

There are a few bloggers talking about possible SOA support within TOGAF, including Raj Ajora and Awel Dico, and some good ideas coming out of the SOA Working Group within the Open Group. But they've got some catching up to do.

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