Saturday, November 8, 2008

Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture Framework (SOEAF)

As a member of the Open Group SOA Working Group*, Awel Dico has produced various working papers about incorporating SOA into TOGAF.

In his latest blog posting, he offers a diagram proposing a service oriented enterprise architecture framework (SOEAF). This diagram focuses on SOA-based solutions, and I guess this is similar to what people sometimes call Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBA).

This diagram has a fair amount in common with the CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering approach, but there is one important difference. At CBDI, we have long championed a twin-track approach, separating the architecting, provisioning and operation of reusable services from the architecting, provisioning and operation of service-based solutions. I don't know how this kind of twin-track approach could be accommodated in the SOEAF framework.


Unfortunately, Awel's blog has been affected by a serious security problem, so I have moved the diagram and removed the links. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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